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The Stormrider Surf Guide: Washington and Oregon
Washington and Oregon
In the early days of surfing, Santa Cruz and San Francisco were popularly considered the remote northern outposts of West Coast surfing. However, surfers have been riding waves north of San Francisco (and even north of the California-Oregon border) for many years. How many exactly is a subject of some debate. What is not subject to debate is the clear fact that there are, indeed, good, surfable waves in Washington and Oregon, an area of the United States commonly known as the Pacific Northwest ? but to locals more often experienced as the Pacific Northwest. The Stormrider Surf Guide ebooks are just part of the worlds best selling and most respected collection of surfing guide books. The authoritative text includes oceanographic, environmental and cultural notes on the entire coastlines. Each guide contains numerous full colour maps and superb photos of the best waves, shot by the best photographers. All information is compiled with the help of local riders whose sensitive approach enables an accurate and knowledgeable appraisal. An essential tool for surfers searching for their perfect wave.
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language : English /English
country : United Kingdom
Publisher : Low Pressure Ltd
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